There are a number of Turkish tv series on internet these days which are blatantly anti semitic. They twist around the Torah and make it sound like Avraham sacrificed Yishmael rather than Yitzchak (Hashem yirachem). They blame the Jews for problems and try to make it sound like the muslims are the most moral people, and the Jews are conspirators etc.  It is so upsetting to see the way Jews are portrayed online.  Do they not know that their religion of Islam comes from Judaism? Their prophet was taught about Torah and morality from the Jews.  Do they not know that morality, kindness and goodness comes from Torah itself and not from something their prophet invented? Do they not know that everything they have that is praiseworthy is because the arabs were originally raised in the homes of Avraham and Yitzchak? They learned hospitality from them.  But later they changed many things and corrupted things and started viewing religion as an excuse to murder and control the world. That is actually very sad.  Terrorists who try to use so called “religion” as a justification for murder is absolutely unacceptable. 

And it is not only Turkish shows that are at fault. The news media interviews muslims who may have had a relative killed in Israeli raids, trying to make Israel sound cruel or insensitive…..and yet, where are those interviews when arab terrorists MURDER IN COLD BLOOD entire Jewish families?? Where are the riots and protests when Jews are killed?   I will not forget the murder of Mrs. Chatoul who was killed with ALL her children. I will not forget the murder of countless Jews who were murdered for NO REASON other than the fact that they are Jews living in their own homeland, given to them by the Almighty!  I will not forget the holocaust that killed 6 million pure, innocent Jews. I will not forget all the anti semitic attacks in Russia and worldwide that killed or injured so many Jews for no reason , with no provocation.  But the world constantly twists things, trying to make the Jews look like “oppressors” or “aggressors”, when nothing is further from the truth.

it is not Jews who are murdering and killing innocent people.

It is not Jews carrying out terrorist attacks around the world.

But why does the media focus on lies?? Yes, they are fake news. But besides that, the world is always looking to blame someone; to use someone as a scapegoat. And, as it has been throughout generations, the world blames the Jews.  There are people trying to blame coronavirus on the Jews! Absurd.

Isnt it time that we, the Jews, stand up and tell the world the truth? That we respond to anti Semitism instead of staying silent? That we actually should make shows to counterbalance lies and show true Jewish life.  But not shows that try to imitate non Jewish ideas. Not shows that try to include violence or immodesty or secular ideas….no, those are totally wrong and counter productive.  Many Israeli shows seem to demonstrate the lack of self esteem many Jews have. 

We need to show our Jewish pride. To show who the Jewish people are: ambassadors of Almighty G-d to reveal holiness in the world.  We need to live our lives as if Moshiach is here.

It is not only black lives that matter. All lives matter! And actually, lives matter if we live our lives the way the Almighty wants and intended.  He created us.  But if a person is going to live a lie, or an immoral life, then does that life matter??? If a black or a white person is going to live an exemplary, moral life, then of course their lives matter. But if they choose to live a life of evil, stealing, murdering, plundering, and so on….then do their lives matter? Life has value if it is lived the way the Creator wants.  of course all lives matter because we never give up believing every person has inner goodness and can and will correct their ways, repent and return to the truth eventually. But a slogan "black lives matter" is rather misleading. maybe the name should have been "black lives mattaer too" or "all lives matter equally". 

The name “Black lives matter” makes it sound like they are automatically to be considered more important than others just because they are black! Isn’t that prejudice? Isn’t that racist?   No, black lives are not more important than white lives or any other lives. All lives matter if we are going to live the way G-d Almighty wants. Nobody has a right to try to force or guilt others into valuing their lives if they do not earn that value and respect based on behavior, morality and goodness. 

Of course, if someone is really racist and wants to assume all blacks are no good or all blacks are criminals, that is terrible and must never be condoned.  Same with people who want to make Jews look bad.  This is racism, anti Semitism, and total prejudice.   That cannot be tolerated. But what the movement  “black lives matter” is doing is the exact same thing, in reverse.   

The main thing is that all people must serve the Almighty and recognize His sovereignty. All people must respect one another.   That is how there will be true peace  in the world.  So remember: all lives matter. G-d matters. Life matters. And truth matters.