The Torah speaks about different sefirot (attributes) which were used to create the world.  There is the sefirah of chesed, kindness, gevurah, strictness , etc.

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh explains:  In the body our immune system corresponds to the sefirah of hod (acknowledgment/thankfulness). The immune system is the most susceptible to disorder and confusion, weakening its ability to distinguish between diseased or invading cells, and positive, healthy cells.


What is one of the biggest problems in today’s society?  Of course anxiety probably tops the list. But I would venture to say the next issue is frustration. Today almost everyone is frustrated in life.  We are frustrated by things we want to do and cannot; by things we want to get or achieve, and cannot; by where we wish to live, but cannot; by what we want to have immediately, and cannot….the list goes on and on.

Hey Av

Today, 5th of the month Menachem Av, is the hilloula (yahrtzeit) of the Ari Hakodesh, who brought to this world the teachings of kabbalah, the inner part of Torah.

It also is the yahrtzeit of my father Meir ben Rachel.


Apathy is a big problem our society faces today. 

When we hear of a tragedy, we may shed a tear or feel sad, but we also do not FEEL the pain of the others in a deep way. We move on with life and chalk it up to another tragic news.

In Israel, there are so many terror attacks and so many tragic occurences on a fairly constant basis, Hashem yirachem, that we become hardened…. and perhaps it is almost a protective mechanism. We can’t bear hearing more negativity. It is too much. So we become almost apathetic.


This Shabbos will be Gimmel Tamuz, the day that the Lubavitcher Rebbe was concealed from our physical eyes. I do not use the word “passed on” because to me the Rebbe is always here with us, guiding us, and directing the world towards Geula (redemption). May we merit to actually bring the Geula now. Each and every one of us has an aspect of Moshiach within us. We need to actualize all our potentials now and work to bring about the complete redemption and the revelation of Moshiach immediately.

Existing or living?

What is the difference between living and existing?

We all exist. Everyone and everything in this world exists.  But existing does not mean we are living.

We can go through all the motions of life: we can pray, we can work, we can do our responsibilities and duties as parents, spouses, friends, children etc. But we still can be only existing. Life is dull. We do not have enjoyment out of life.


What has become of our society? So many celebrities and politicians are suddenly speaking up in favor of abortion, trying to claim that nobody has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body. The entire discussion is taken out of context and twisted into a ridiculous argument.

This is not about women’s rights! This is about the baby’s right to live. Why is it nobody feels like the baby has any rights? Just because a baby cannot speak or express itself? Just because we cannot hear or see what is going on inside the womb??


Israel is the aggressor? Israel is the occupier?  Such chutzpa beyond even normal logic to suggest such a thing.

Yes, we occupy our own land, the land given to us by G-d Almighty! 

Firing hundreds of rockets at Israel seems to me to be the “aggressor”.  How can the terrorists even have the audacity to try to claim otherwise.

It is a totally illogical, emotionally based, foolish and a false accusation….. as usual.


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What does it mean to go out of Egypt, especially today when are no longer slaves in Egypt?

On Pesach G-d took us out of Egypt, mitzraim. Chassidus teaches that mitzraim also means metzorim, limitations. So on Pesach G-d takes us out of our personal mitzraim, our personal limitations.

But what does that really mean?
In life we are often limited by things that affect our true service of Hashem. In a sense we are slaves to many different things and to many types of Pharoahs (pharaoh can be materialism, fear, worry, anxiety, etc. etc.)

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