Collector syndrome

I always seem to collect things…..and I have a difficult time getting rid of things that I collect. My children are always telling me to clean out the house, to get rid of old clothes, old trinkets, old toys…throw them away, they tell me.  It is junk.  Nobody needs them.  But something within me cannot do it. Even erev Pesach I have a hard time doing that.  
Not because I am materially oriented and cannot part with those things.  

Spiritual growth, progress

It is always important to grow and progress in life. that is why a human being is called a mehalech....he goes from level to level. If one is not going forward, one moves backward. A human being does not stand still. We should not be satisfied to stay on the same level but must constantly strive to grow spiritually, refine ourselves more and more.

Computers, videos....and a mess

Something that is truly frustrating is when you work hard to put information into your computer and somehow it crashes, or there is an error in backing up the information or somehow your writing gets wiped out! Just like that, in one second, all your hard work is gone!! 

Darkness of Galus....Message of Rebbe...Divine providence etc.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe wrote a beautiful letter , part of which is below, explaining how even when a Jew sins, he still retains his G-dliness.
“The whole Creation and all the worlds have no reality of their own, for there is only one Reality—G-d, inasmuch as a spark of G-dliness animates and keeps everything in existence, as it is written, “By the word of G-d the heavens were created,” etc. This “word” of G-d is the essence and reality of everything.

Moving, home etc.

Some time ago my husband and I started  talking about moving to a cleaner place, with fresh air, maybe near the beach. The main reason was health related.  We were seriously considering the idea, even took a few trips to see our “prospective” places. We returned very excited about moving. We even contacted a real estate agent to start looking for houses. But something started to bother me. A little inner voice was not comfortable with our decision. I tried to quiet that little voice.

Education, shlichus etc.

I was reading an article about a shaliach who , due to the difficult financial situation, could not rely on his usual supporters for constant help. He was unable to continue providing everything for guests , programs etc. so he enlisted the help of his community members. When there was an event, he told this one to bring soda, that one to bring bread, the other one to bring cookies etc. And the reaction was overwhelming. People loved it. To the extent that even when things improve financially he plans to continue involving his community in his projects.

Thinking good, friends....finances

Another important point to mention is that whenever someone becomes frustrated or angry or disappointed in life, they tend to look for someone to blame in life. Someone who is responsible for their suffering. Children in particular look to blame someone…parents are usually the most “convenient” to blame since they are closest to the children! 

The trick is to learn and to educate our children not to play the blame game. Rather each one has to do some internal searching, deep in their hearts, and find areas that they have to improve in. 

Shabbat, Mikvah, Unity

I must say that one thing is very comforting to me: something that is a constant in my life, no matter what is happening. No matter how stressed I am or how bored I am or how frustrated I am or even how depressed I am, when Shabbat enters, I have to be ready to rejoice on Shabbat. It is a great discipline! I could be in the worst mood ever but when Shabbat enters but I have to smile and put on a happy face….and then a miracle happens and I actually start to feel happy. Why? Shabbat itself brings joy. We are not allowed to be sad or depressed or to cry on Shabbat.

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