So we are entering  the Hebrew month of Adar , the month where we must increase in joy .  “Mishenichnas Adar marbim b’simcha.”

 Not only must we generally increase in joy, but we are taught that everyday should be an increase compared to the day before. How can we accomplish that? What if we do not feel joyous that day? What if we are depressed or sad about something? What if we are worried?

That is precisely why it is a time to add in joy.  Torah and in particular Chassidus teaches that Adar is a special month which has the power to change things around….specifically through joy.  And the way to add in joy is to just get up and dance. Every night. Put on music and dance. You do not have to feel happy. Just go through the movements and you will be surprised at how you actually begin to feel happy. Your worries start to fade away .

As your joy increases, so does your faith and trust in the Almighty.  There is a mitzva in Torah to eradicate the nation of Amalek .  The Hebrew word sofek (doubt) equals by gematria the Hebrew word Amalek (the nation that caused the Jewish people to lose faith when they left Egypt).  But how does doubt affect us? Why is there a commandment to remember what Amalek did to us, and to eradicate Amalek and not forget ? 

Doubt starts in the mind, trying to affect our faith in G-d.  We wonder: is G-d among us or not?  That thought itself is the manifestation of Amalek. If doubt enters the level of speech, we find ourselves unable to clearly express our faith. We may stumble or stutter in our words. We have difficulty affecting others with our speech to become closer to G-d. 

And if doubt enters the level of action, it expresses itself by our doubts in ourselves; in our ability to do anything or be successful. We feel restricted and unable to accomplish or progress. A person’s hands become weak and their ability to walk can be affected. This especially affects one’s ability to accomplish for holy matters. If a person already moves to the “other side” of unholiness, then they can appear self confident, because Amalek helps them. But a person who wants to be part of holiness and yet has doubts, needs to  work to completely uproot amalek within himself. He needs to uproot doubts, even on a subconscious level. This is part of destroying Amalek. And then he is able to “not forget:  once Amalek is destroyed, the person moves on the next part of the commandment to “not forget” so that we will not fall pray to doubts again.  All of this is part of increasing one’s faith and trust. We need to get rid of doubts.  Everyone who is a believer and observant of Torah, tries to repress and deny doubts. But we have to go even further and destroy those doubts.  Adar is the special month to accomplish this, and it is very much connected to joy. Getting rid of doubts increases joy.

So whether you want to or not, get up and dance. Have in mind all the things you wish to change around for the better.  And may we merit the coming of Moshiach and the true redemption immediately.