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Another important point to mention is that whenever someone becomes frustrated or angry or disappointed in life, they tend to look for someone to blame in life. Someone who is responsible for their suffering. Children in particular look to blame someone…parents are usually the most “convenient” to blame since they are closest to the children! 

The trick is to learn and to educate our children not to play the blame game. Rather each one has to do some internal searching, deep in their hearts, and find areas that they have to improve in. 

Shabbat, Mikvah, Unity

I must say that one thing is very comforting to me: something that is a constant in my life, no matter what is happening. No matter how stressed I am or how bored I am or how frustrated I am or even how depressed I am, when Shabbat enters, I have to be ready to rejoice on Shabbat. It is a great discipline! I could be in the worst mood ever but when Shabbat enters but I have to smile and put on a happy face….and then a miracle happens and I actually start to feel happy. Why? Shabbat itself brings joy. We are not allowed to be sad or depressed or to cry on Shabbat.

First Post

This is a site for the purpose of finding inspiration and gaining insights to help become better wives, mothers and people and to learn how to deal with various issues that confront us in life.   
Originally I was planning to start a site called Frustration Station. But I decided not to use that name, for various reasons. However, I guess my first topic will be …can you guess? Frustration!

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